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I don’t know about you, but with the year behind me, I’m looking at everything I had started but never finished and it’s hard to choose where to begin again. What creative projects do you have sitting around that you’d love to pick back up but aren’t even really sure where to start?

Looking to get your creative juices flowing this year? This workshop is perfect for you! It will give you the opportunity to explore the creative projects that you’ve been wanting to work on, but haven’t had the chance to tackle in a while.

Don’t let analysis paralysis stop you. Come to this virtual session to jumpstart the year in a creative way!

Grab any unfinished project you have – in any media – and be prepared to make progress on it along with having the opportunity to ask me anything about how to move forward with anything you have been stuck on.

During the workshop, we will provide a space to discuss ideas, brainstorm new projects, and share progress with the group. Let’s get your project off the ground!

Since we’ll be meeting virtually it’s open to anyone. Bring snacks, your favorite drink, your comfy clothes, and any supplies you think you’ll need to your workspace. If you forget something, no big deal, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home to easily get up and grab it.

Join us for a fun workshop exploring the art of alcohol inks! Alcohol inks are vibrant, highly saturated, acid-free inks that can be used on a wide range of non-porous surfaces to blend, build upon, allow to dry, and move around the surface through a lot of experimentation.

We’ll give you a brief overview of the basics of using alcohol inks, then help you create one-of-a-kind pieces of art with these bold and beautiful inks. We promise that you don’t have to start out as an experienced artist. Develop your own style with one-on-one assistance in a relaxed atmosphere.

You will come away from this experience with several inked pieces ready for display. No previous experience is necessary to achieve lovely results.

Our creative time will be broken up with a break for refreshments.
*Please advise us of any dietary restrictions or requests upon registration.

Hosted by: Rita Haldeman and Amy Roadman

When painting landscapes we must interpret color and identify what we are actually seeing. Join us for guidance in discovering how soft pastels are an amazing medium where you can layer and mix colors to create contrast through light and shadow to bring a scene to life.

Holding our workshop at the Nimick Family Education Center provides us with such a beautiful view of the Ligonier Valley, it is the perfect location to immerse ourselves in a nature-inspired morning.

You’ll learn the basics of creating stunning landscape paintings with soft pastels. We’ll cover topics such as color mixing, blending techniques, and how to add texture and depth to your work. We promise that you don’t have to start out as an experienced artist. Develop your own style with one-on-one assistance in a relaxed atmosphere.

Paying attention to the way the light reflects off objects and colors will help you capture the true essence of the scene. No previous experience is necessary to achieve lovely results.

Our creative time will be broken up with a break for refreshments.
*Please advise us of any dietary restrictions or requests upon registration.

Hosted by: Rita Haldeman and Amy Roadman

Coming Soon…Restore Your Inner Muse: A Retreat For Finding Inner Peace & Creativity

March 31-April 2 at Oak Lodge, Stahsltown, PA

What parts of your business do you always push aside?

You know, all those things that take time, seem overwhelming, or can wait until other, more important tasks get done (but are seemingly neverending)?

I was there until I finally said it was time to invest in myself for my sanity and no joke, as soon as I became more organized and felt that I had a more professional brand, I was able to focus on growth within my business.

I am bringing together professionals who will be helping you move your business forward in a creative way!

We are three professionals who have come together to offer a unique experience for small business owners looking to improve their digital organization, branding, and overall creative approach to running their business.

We have something for everyone in our lineup of retreats and creative workshops.

Each event is co-hosted by Amy Roadman and other phenomenal artists or leaders in wellness and business. We have created events that we would want to go to and can’t wait to share that time with you!

Get all of your questions answered so you can choose your own adventure.

Have you been on the fence about doing something for yourself to get away from it all?  When is the last time you spent some quality together time with a friend or a loved one?  Discover how you can benefit from any of these experiences.

Check out the FAQ Section of the information page, message me with any questions you may have, or schedule a quick call so we can talk about how you can benefit from a retreat experience.

Pottery Wheel Private Event

Join us for a 3-hour wheel-throwing workshop to celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette party, a group date, a girl’s day out, team building, or just for fun with your favorite group of people!  Learn how to center, pull up the walls and form a variety of shapes during this class. Since it does take several sessions to truly grasp the art of throwing and centering by repetitive practice we are not guaranteeing that you will become an expert in this one session but we are pretty sure that you will leave with a piece to be proud of and an experience like no other!

Your private event includes:

  • Clay
  • Use of all tools and equipment needed
  • A demonstration
  • Personalized hands-on instruction on the day of your event
  • Drying time, smoothing and signing the bottom of each piece, the bisque firing, a dip into the glaze color of your choice, and the glaze firing takes place after you leave.  The host of the event will be contacted when your work is ready about 3 weeks after your event. It can be picked up during Main Exhibit Gallery’s regular business hours.

Please select one person as host/contact for the purpose of registering for this event. The host will be responsible for payment in full online. You may include up to 6 participants for $350.

• You will get messy, so bring an apron or wear work clothes and shoes that can get dirty.
• Leave your rings at home.
• Entrance to class is at the lower level rear of the building.
• Park out front or in the parking area on Grant Street.

Classes are held at Main Exhibit Gallery’s fully-accessible Art Center
301 W Main Street • Ligonier • 724-238-2310
Pre-registration and payment are required.

Now Booking Virtual Creative Consultations

Need creative insight?

Do you need to work through questions you have about throwing, pottery, painting, business, etc.? 

What about an honest critique of what can make your artwork better or more cohesive?  

We’ll identify problems to improve your skills and focus on how to move forward to achieve more success behind the scenes in either 30 or 60-minute verbal or demo sessions.

What is a creative retreat?

It’s an ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE. Let us take care of everything for you so you can walk away from reality with no responsibilities to think about during your time here. Food and refreshments will be provided and all art materials will be supplied.

We have our second annual island retreat planned for June 26th – July 1st, 2023!

Once you disembark the ferry, I promise you, it feels like you have stepped into a different dimension.  All time stands still and you are able to feel completely disconnected from tech, work, and the busyness of the mainland so you can focus on renewing your energy. 

You will LEARN NEW THINGS. With our guidance and expertise and your creative spirit, you will be able to explore art mediums and techniques to make and create alongside one another in a no-pressure zone. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and successful with each and every project.

In addition to art, you will have time to journal, practice yoga, paddleboard and kayak, and go crabbing.

We will EXPLORE TOGETHER. There is no shortage of places to see or things to explore on the island.  Take a hike through the maritime forest trails, walk the beach or stroll through Harbor Village.  We can’t forget about the rich history of the island and seeing what kind of work they do at the conservancy.

Greet the ferry from the pier, find the best beach access to catch the sunset (P.S. I know which one it is), search for shells at Cape Fear, and bird (and even dolphin) watching in the marsh.  It’s magical here, no matter the time of year.

Enjoy your week… …by retreating to an island.

Get on the waiting list for June 26-July 1, 2023!

Hosted by:
Amy Roadman – visual arts educator and Brooke Roadman – certified yoga instructor and personal trainer.

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